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Why register?

You can take advantage of a complete booking system that includes the major shipping companies in a single sales interface. In this way, you will have a clear view of all the shipping companies operating on any particular ferry line

How does it work?

Sign up for our online booking system for free and NetFerry will allow you to access your personalized back office within 24 hours. The selling prices are identical to those of the shipping companies, there are no surcharges on the total ticket cost, except for in some cases.

How much does it cost?

The online booking has no cost, it's completely free, you just have to register and sell tickets to your customers.

How much can you earn?

The fees vary depending on the shipping company sold and you will get < strong>up to 10% net of fixed price (boarding / disembarking rights). For more information write to

How to pay for your reservation

Reservations are issued and paid for at the same time by credit card. Alternatively, if you are a travel agent, you can open an account with us, which is linked to a credit card, where you pay a set amount up-front. You can then issue tickets without using a credit card until the deposit is exhausted.

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