May 28, 20

Netferry advises you not to miss a fantastic city, after visiting Scotland's famous  lakes and mountains: the wonderful and fascinating Edinburgh. Let's start to discover what not to miss and the best places to sleep in this city!

Edinburgh: The Gothic Capital of Scotland

May 25, 20

Located in the middle between east and west, Turkey is a vast land of mountains, scrubland and coastline. There are both fascinating cosmopolitan cities and little hidden villages with ancient traditions to explore. Today, netferry takes you to the southern coast of Turkey, to the famous resort of town of Bodrum. The city is ancient and considered the homeland of the Gods; archaeologically it is 5000 years old. Today Bodrum's clear sea and sandy bays are still breathtaking, and the city remains a hub for art, history and culture.

There is a unique event that takes place in Bodrum, which in the past was widespread throughout Anatolia; a Camel Fight, known as Deve Guresi. It's not a bloody event like Spanish bullfighting; instead, the fight is between the two male Tulu camels for the female! These days, the tradition is dying out because of the costs of transporting the camels and reluctance from the new generation to train the camels for the fights. There are an estimated 1000 camels left in these fights across Turkey today.

May 21, 20

National Parks

Taking a walk around a national park benefits both your body and mind and improves well being. Not only can it build muscles and help you lose weight, but it can also enhance creativity and control stress and anxiety, so get out into Estonia's National Parks and explore!  

May 18, 20

May is the perfect month to explore the beautiful region of Andalusia in southern Spain. In today's blog, NetFerry lets you in on the parties and events taking place in Cordoba during the warm month of May! Cordoba lies in the Spanish hinterland, in the region of Andalusia. It’s a destination much loved by tourists, despite not being on the coast and has always attracted many tourists and travellers in search of Spanish towns with an authentic Moorish character.

There is some great architecture in Cordoba, the Arab-Christian Mezquita, the Royal Palace, the Roman bridge, medina, ancient watchtower tower, Torre de la Calahorra and the Jewish quarter with its fabulous synagogue.

May 14, 20

Algeria is the largest country on the African continent and has a brilliantly varied physical and cultural landscape for travellers to explore.  The north of Algeria is mountainous and then the Meditteranean coastline is characterized by charming, historic cities such as Algiers and Constantine.  

Algeria is great for travellers who aren’t afraid to get off the beaten track and there are plenty of ruins and ancient archaeological sites to visit that are free of other tourists. Djemila and Timgad feature some of the best Roman sites in existence and they include fascinating, vast and perfectly preserved Roman towns. You can stroll around in complete peace and take some stunning sunset photographs of these magnificent ruins, that don't feature hundreds of other people!

May 11, 20

Today NetFerry explores the Finnish city of Turku, lying at the mouth of the Aurajoki River, it's a fascinating and green place full of bars and cafés to delight your palate!

Turku is bilingual and local people speak both Finnish and Swedish, due to its geographical location on the border of the two nations. It's a northern European medieval city and all the elements of this history are visible in the town, you have the river, a market square, a cathedral and of course a castle! There is also a modern part of Turku and the city is full of contemporary culture and exciting events. In 2011 the city was the European Capital of Culture.

May 07, 20

The Netferry features many ferries to Tunisia from mainland Europe, especially Italy. There are connections from Genoa, in the north of Italy, from Civitavecchia, just north of Rome, and Salerno, south of Naples and Palermo in Sicily. Tunisia is a great holiday destination because it combines beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere with that of North Africa. The landscapes in Tunisia are varied, from the stunning coastline to the lush inland vegetation to the dessert, as the edge of the Sahara is within touching distance. Because the country isn't huge, travellers can experience so much in Tunisia and get a feel for the culture here. 

Tunis, the capital 

May 04, 20

May has arrived! It's the perfect month to have an unforgettable holiday on the French island of Corsica. The island has a really varied landscape that includes both stunning mountains and crystal clear coastlines - you and your family will be spoilt for choice. Almost half of Corsica lies within a protected nature reserve, which means there are great hiking trails for all abilities. This wild island is perfect for a family holiday as you can have fun and adventures, or simply enjoy total relaxation on the many white-sand beaches, lapped by the Mediterranean.

Netferry's first tip for your family holiday is to avoid visiting Corsica in August! Take advantage of the ferry connections from early May onwards, to fully appreciate the island's tranquillity without having to suffer the crowds and high summer temperatures! We also recommend renting a car when you arrive, it makes it much easier to get around as public transport takes quite a while!