Kids on holiday

Sep 04, 20

If you are planning an autumn trip with your children, NetFerry has an extraordinary destination in mind for you and your family! Today we set sail for Sardinia, an island in the beautiful Mediterranean sea with a surprisingly varied landscape. You have everything from rustic mountain villages to lively coastal towns, not to mention the fantastic food.

September welcomes the beginning of autumn, the crowds of tourists begin to leave, and the heat becomes a little more forgiving, making it the perfect time of year to visit Sardinia. NetFerry advises you to live an unusual experience with your children in Sardinia.  Well served by ferries connecting to mainland Italy, once you arrive into one of the ports, head inland to the colourful mountains with your family for an unusual and unforgettable experience.

Sep 04, 20

Today we explore Malta, an island of variety! A plethora of cultures have settled this place for millennia. Its the melting pot of the Med and this is still evident today through the unique mix of architecture, food and people. There is also plenty to do, from exploring prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves, to thrilling scuba diving. But today we are focussing on activities for you and your kids, Malta is surprisingly kid-friendly, and there's more than enough to keep the whole family occupied.  

For kids who love animals

Aug 04, 20

Sicily has to be one of the most family-friendly destinations. Italians tend to welcome children with open arms and will not hesitate to accommodate your needs at restaurants with high chairs and children's menus. You'll also see many other families out for the evening stroll or passeggiata and children falling asleep in buggies late into the evening. 

The Pelagie Islands, the most southern islands in Italy, are reached from Sicily. For those looking to go the extra mile, they have a lot to offer families with kids; there is plenty to see and do. Lampedusa is the largest of the three Pelagic Islands (the others are Linosa and Lampione), and it lies about 200km south of Sicily. Technically closer to Tunisia than Italy Lampedusa has made headlines in recent years as Italy's main port of entry for refugees from Africa and the Middle East, with tens of thousands of migrants arriving mostly from Libya and Tunisia. Despite this uncomfortable political reality, the island is surrounded by stunning aquamarine waters and a marine reserve protects the island's southern shores. The permanent population stands at around 6300 and this more than trebles in the summertime. In winter transport connections are cut back and almost every hotel and restaurant shuts down.

May 29, 20

Today Netferry takes you on a journey to the Greek island of Crete, exploring things to do on holiday with your kids! You can reach the island either by plane or why not make it into an adventure aboard a ferry! There are many ferries from mainland Italy, connecting with Patras and from there are connections to Athens Piraeus. From Piraeus there are frequent ferries to Crete, taking about nine hours, arriving at Chania and Heraklion, the two main ports on the island.

The island of Crete is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, just south of mainland Greece and has a fascinating ancient history. A family holiday to Crete is an excellent choice as there's plenty for everyone, to make the time you spend with your family unforgettable! You can have fun chasing pirates on deserted beaches, go looking for turtles and run at breakneck speed along the stretches of fine white sand. Then it's time for some more adventure on dry land with day trips to monasteries and churches on the cliffs, exploring the winding streets and alleys in Crete's little towns and villages, play among the colourful houses and immerse your children in the sounds and scents of this magical island!

Apr 21, 20

May has arrived! It's the perfect month to have an unforgettable holiday on the French island of Corsica. The island has a really varied landscape that includes both stunning mountains and crystal clear coastlines - you and your family will be spoilt for choice. Almost half of Corsica lies within a protected nature reserve, which means there are great hiking trails for all abilities. This wild island is perfect for a family holiday as you can have fun and adventures, or simply enjoy total relaxation on the many white-sand beaches, lapped by the Mediterranean.

Netferry's first tip for your family holiday is to avoid visiting Corsica in August! Take advantage of the ferry connections from early May onwards, to fully appreciate the island's tranquillity without having to suffer the crowds and high summer temperatures! We also recommend renting a car when you arrive, it makes it much easier to get around as public transport takes quite a while! 

Apr 02, 20

Are you thinking about where to have your next family holiday? NetFerry suggests Malmo in Sweden, the surprisingly perfect destination for the whole family!

Why Malmo?

Jan 30, 20

Parents get ready for a fantastic adventure with your kids to southern England! Today Netferry explores the green Cotswolds hills and the magical land of Harry Potter. England is a land rich in history, legends and natural beauty, it has an extraordinary charm. It is even fascinating for your little ones, who are always in search of the locations of the Harry Potter books! The Studios are located between London and Luton, and you can choose to fly to one of the two airports or take the ferry to the various ports along England's southern coast from northern France.

The Harry Potter, Warner Bros Studio is located in Leavesden, you and your children will love the tour which involves some fun activities! You will have the chance to test your wand-waving abilities,  peek inside Professor Dumbledore's studio, jump aboard the Hogwarts Express and face your fears with the Death Eaters!

Jan 08, 20

Northern France is a great place to take kids. If you are arriving from southern English or Irish ports into one of three ports on the northern coast, Dieppe, Roscoff and Cherbourg you won't be disappointed. The ferry trip is an adventure in itself for children, so remember to make it fun from the moment you leave dry land!