Feb 25, 20

Located between Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia is right at the heart of the Baltic region and has been a member of the European Union since 2004. This green country, of deep tradition, deserves more than a weekend visit thanks to its incredible natural landscapes and long emerald coastlines. Do not miss the castles around Sigulda overlooking scenic valleys and the Gauja river. The capital, Riga, is known as the pearl of the Baltic and is also a must-see! 

Riga: The pearl of the Baltic

Feb 25, 20

Being long, thin and surrounded by beautiful islands; Italy has a vast coastline. The Italian peninsula has an incredible 7,500 kilometres of coastline set against four seas: the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas to the west and the Adriatic and Ionian seas to the east and south. Despite being part of the broader Mediterranean, the country offers visitors very diverse marine environments. Besides the mainland coasts, there are almost 800 islands where even more unspoiled coastline and pristine beaches can be found. 

In this article, NetFerry takes you on a journey to our favourite beaches in Italy. This list is only a small selection, as you are spoilt for choice thanks to Italy's advantageous position in the middle of the Mediterranean. You are guaranteed to find a lovely beach waiting for you on any coastline in the country! For example, if you're visiting Rome and need a break from crowded piazzas, you can get to Ostia or Sabaudia in around half an hour.

Feb 25, 20

Today NetFerry takes you to Turkey, a land of rich history, art and culture. This country has some beautiful cities that slowly reveal their charm, so let's explore! Izmir lies on the Aegean coast and is one of Turkey's oldest cities. Formerly known as Smyrna, the city established itself as a maritime hub with an important port, and today it is still a critical commercial and industrial city, as well as being a fascinating cultural centre.

Izmir's ancient past ...

Feb 18, 20

Poland, in Central Europe, has always been a country that both unifies and divides eastern and western Europe. Today the country is thriving, no longer hampered by foreign occupations, its culture and traditions are once again freely expressed, making Poland a fascinating place for travellers. Easter is a very heartfelt celebration for the Polish Christian population and the day of the Resurrection is known as Wielkanoc.

Easter traditions

Feb 07, 20

Amsterdam is a great all year round travel destination, and Holland is a country that always offers you and your kids interesting holidays and exciting experiences. Also known as the Netherlands, when you think of Holland, you think of vast flat landscapes full of coloured tulips and people crossing canal bridges on bicycles. The capital, Amsterdam, is a lovely city, with an international vibe, which reflects its Holland’s imperial past, but there are also many other cities and towns to explore. Today we focus on the best museums to visit during your trip. Let's discover interesting places that tickle their senses and curiosity, allowing your kids to have fun while learning!


Feb 07, 20

Carnival is one of the best festivals of the calendar year and its a celebration shared by most Christian countries, so there are Carnival events across the world. Today NetFerry explores Carnival in Greece, the masquerade party known to Greeks as Apokries. When translated, the word Apokries means "abstinence from meat", referring to the period of celebration before Lent. This festival has ancient roots that you can trace back to pagan traditions and the festivities in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and Goliards!

The festive period

Feb 03, 20

Lithuania is a country of surprises, and there is a lot to see and do in this former Soviet nation. The turbulent history makes for a fascinating country to explore. The country's arts and cultural scene have taken off in the past couple of decades, and the plethora of arts on offer in cities like Vilnius are testimony to the talent and creativity in contemporary Lithuania. Here is some background from Netferry, including where to go and what to see!

Museums and art galleries 

Feb 03, 20

Amirandes Grecohotel Exclusive Resort in Crete 

Amirandes is an exclusive beachside resort that epitomizes Crete's most exciting features: beautiful architecture, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine and stunning views. The resort is set among a lagoon and features six restaurants, private beaches, an Elixir Spa with indoor pool, 60 private pools, an outdoor Olympic-size seawater pool, and children's facilities. Amirandes has a range of 212 guestrooms that have various features including private gyms, home cinema and state-of-the-art bathrooms with colour-therapy and aromatherapy Jacuzzi bathtubs. The staff are second-to-none, always upholding the meticulous attention to detail and utmost respect for guest privacy.