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The crossing between Zakynthos and Bari is not available at the moment by any operator connected to NetFerry online ticketing system.


The port of Zakynthos on the main island, provides connections to Italy and mainland Greece, as well as neighboring Kefalonia. The port area is divided into three areas, a commercial area another dedicated to passenger traffic and another exclusively reserved for freight. There is an international airport on Zakynthos which connects with Athens and some Italian cities. The distance between the port and the airport is 4 kilometers by taxi. The distance from the port to the main points of interest on the island are not passable on foot or bike and it is best to have a car to get around. Kalamaki... [More information]

Address: Lomvardou, Zakinthos 291 00, Greece
Directions: Google Map @ Zakynthos, port

Guide of BARI

On the southern Adriatic coast, Bari is an Italian city with an important port and a rich and fascinating history. Over time Bari has become more and more important in the merchant sector and is a trade hub with the Middle East and since 1930 boasts one of the most important festivals in the country, the Fiera del Levante. History According to findings excavated from the Church of San Pietro, the first settlement originates from the Bronze Age, but according to other scholars Bari was a colony of Crete, Greeks who gave it the name of Barion. The Romans took this city and gave it an important r... [More information]